Insight’s comprehensive services are a total solution for long term recovery. Our team is committed to excellence in client care and the development of lasting relationships with clients and their families.

Our Services

The key to our success in helping the addicted to lead normal, productive lives is that we incorporate the full range of beneficial programs and activities that cover all aspects of rehabilitation. Essentially, “we leave no stone unturned” – we have everything in place to support our clients day and night, as little or as much as they need.

We Accept the Following Health Insurance Providers: 


Your comfort and safety is our top priority.

We follow the “Florida model of recovery” and maintain multiple properties for the purpose of housing. The Florida model of recovery suggests clients should be fully integrated into the community during their treatment. We agree. It is why our three properties provide purposefully-designed, semi-independent housing during recovery.

Male Recovery Residence

You can be assured that you will be safe and comfortable to begin your journey of recovery.

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  1. I am sooooooooooooooo proud of you. Thank you for gvniig Hope to those who may otherwise not know there are options and people who care and empathize with their struggles. You both continue to be an inspiration to all of us who love you.

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