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When you go to a reputable drug rehab center for addiction treatment to help you recover from alcoholism or an opioid addiction, trained professionals will be there to provide you with excellent care throughout the detoxification process. A big fear of any addict is the symptoms of withdrawal. Due to incredible advances in medical science, there are a wide range of non-narcotic medications that are specifically designed to help people suffering from alcoholism or an opioid addiction.

Addiction Treatment: Treating Addiction with Medications

Some treatment facilities and addiction specialists are against the thought of treating alcohol or drug addiction with more drugs. This is an archaic way of thinking. The leaps and strides that have been made in the world of addiction treatment have proven time and time again that medications can not only help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal, but they also reduce the addicts’ cravings. The less recovering addicts want to use, the less likely it is that they will relapse.

Medication Management in Addiction Treatment for Alcoholism and Opioid Addiction

Insight To Recovery provides medication management services. Addicts suffer from an illness that makes it extremely difficult to have follow the rules regarding medication. If you’re an addict, you’ve probably seen your addictive behaviors manifest in different ways. When addicts have a headache, they’ll often take more Advil than is recommended. When they’re sick, they’ll drink half of a bottle of cough medicine instead of a cap full like the instructions state.

Abusing any type of medication can be highly dangerous, which is why Insight To Recovery offers medication management. Through medication management, we’ll be able to help you overcome the early stages of your recovery from alcoholism or opioid addiction so you don’t have to worry about your impulses taking over. You may have heard of stories of people abusing addiction medications, but these are people who didn’t have medication management in their early sobriety.

Reducing the Cravings for Alcoholism and Opioid Addiction

One of the leading medications for reducing cravings for alcoholics and opiate addicts is Naltrexone. It helps to occupy the space in the brain that is craving opiates or alcohol. When this part of the brain is starved for the effect it gets from drugs or alcohol, the symptoms of withdrawal and cravings kick in. With Naltrexone, the cravings are reduced greatly, and the medication also helps treat anxiety and depression.

If you’re serious about getting clean and sober, allow Insight To Recovery to help. Statistics have proven that the best way to get sober and stay sober is by getting addiction treatment for your potentially fatal illness. Call us today and begin the healing process.