Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Most of the world’s population don’t fully know what it means to be an alcoholic. The lack of widespread education is what leads to many people living with an alcohol addiction without ever seeking help.

The common misconception about alcohol addiction is that alcoholics are homeless people who have a brown paper back with a bottle of booze. Some people think an alcoholic is someone who is constantly intoxicated and racking up DUIs. Alcohol addiction is a cunning disease, and there are many extremely functional alcoholics out there who don’t fit any of these stereotypes.

The Mental Obsession and Physical Craving

Nobody wants to think that they’ve lost control of any aspect of their life. This is especially true when it comes to alcohol addiction. Just about every social gathering involves alcohol, so nobody wants to be the person who isn’t able to handle his or her liquor or beer. Having that reputation can be harmful in many people’s eyes. The disease of addiction makes alcoholics try to justify and rationalize their addictions, so they often don’t see the most common signs.

Alcohol addiction can be simply characterized as a mental obsession and physical craving for alcohol. The mental obsession is people’s obsessive and compulsive behaviors when it comes to alcohol. When they aren’t drinking alcohol, they’re thinking about the next time they’re going to have the opportunity to drink. This can be people romanticizing their first drink when they get off work, or it can even happen while they are actually drinking. The mental obsession can be so strong that people drink when they don’t actually want to.

The physical craving is people’s inability to control or limit their drinking. Most alcoholics can’t simply have one drink. Once they take the first drink, their alcohol addiction kicks in. Even when these people aren’t drinking, different sights, sounds and emotions remind them of alcohol, and their craving becomes extremely strong. These types of symptoms are the very reason that addiction treatment can help.

Medical Detox for Withdrawal at Addiction Treatment

If you’re struggling with alcoholism, you’ve probably already had symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal happens when your body is craving alcohol and is unable to maintain homeostasis. This causes various symptoms of withdrawal, which can be even more dangerous than ones associated with drugs like heroin, cocaine and prescription medications. Most people who have withdrawal from alcohol have a much higher risk of heart failure.

At Insight To Recovery’s addiction treatment facility, we’ll be with you every step of the way through detox. With our detox methods, you won’t have to worry about the potentially dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. Throughout your detox, Insight to Recovery’s addiction treatment staff will provide you with personal attention and care to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible. The detox process doesn’t have to be a scary experience because we’ll be by your side.

Once you’ve gone through detox, we can begin healing your mind by teaching you ways to overcoming your addiction to alcohol. You’ll gain a support group while you’re in our facility, which will greatly help you in your recovery. Some of the people you meet may become life-long friends who you can rely on for years to come.

Alcohol’s hold over your life doesn’t have to be permanent. Fight back. Call Insight To Recovery today and get started on your new life of sobriety.