At Insight to Recovery we believe that addiction is a family disease. The addiction and consequences not only affect the addict but everyone in their life. When the addict enters treatment family members/loved ones are often left feeling overwhelmed, confused, angry, fearful, alone and unsure as to what to do or how to handle the situation they are in. The addiction begins to take its toll on everyone involved and can often leave a person feeling overwhelmed with their daily tasks due to the stress taking its toll.

The Family Program at Insight to Recovery is specifically geared for the needs of parents, family members, and significant others of drug and alcohol addicts. The goal of the program is, not only to assist the family in dealing with the various stressors of addiction, but also to empower the loved ones to begin to set boundaries and focus on their own healing and recovery from enabling behaviors and/or co-dependency. It is the position of Insight to Recovery that the family plays a crucial role in one’s healing process and we want the family to be the best they can be.

Family Educational Program Is Included At No-Charge

Family Program Topics

  • The Disease of addiction
  • Helping Vs. Enabling
  • Boundaries
  • Co-dependency
  • Self-care
  • Al-Anon, AA, NA
  • The Role of the Family in the Healing Process

All families will be responsible for transportation and lodging


This is a 3 day family educational program that begins on Wednesday morning and ends on Saturday afternoon. The emphasis in this track is on understanding the science of addiction and, more importantly, the science of recovery. Particular emphasis is placed on helping family members understand what they can expect once their loved one is discharged from Insight to Recovery and what they can do to assist in their loved one’s recovery.

The Family Program is a program that is specifically geared for family members and significant others post treatment. The aim of the program is to assist family members in solidifying the gains that were made while their loved one was in treatment as well as to move forward in reaching personal life goals.

Family Program Schedules

  • Arrive Hampton Inn Boynton Beach
  • Hampton Inn Conference Room
  • Family and Alumni Barbecue
  • Departure