Medicine doctor measuring blood pressure to patient

Medical Detox

Medical detox is one of the most important components of addiction treatment. If you’re a victim of the disease of addiction, you’ve been struggling in a battle of willpower that you just haven’t been able to win. This may make you want to regain some control by trying to go through withdrawal on your own, but this can be very dangerous. Withdrawal can be dangerous and potentially fatal. Detox should only be conducted under the supervision of trained professionals.

Dealing with Withdrawal

Over the time that you’ve been abusing drugs or alcohol, your body has become accustomed to these substances being introduced to your system in excess on a regular basis. You’ve been stimulating the pleasure center in your brain, which is connected to your neurotransmitters. Withdrawal can make you feel highly anxious, stressed and depressed, and you may even hallucinate.

Aside from the mental factors, withdrawal is also affecting your internal organs like your heart. By avoiding medical detox at a professional addiction treatment facility, you’re at a much greater risk of heart failure.

Medical Detox Is Critical Care Prior to Entering a Rehab Facility

Insight To Recovery is committed to providing all patients with a professional medical detox prior to entering their IOP or PHP level of care with us.  Detox must be provided by professionals who understand addiction and what medications and monitoring are required, so you’ll be receiving the best care possible. They will monitor your heart rate and blood pressure, and provide you with medications to keep them under control. We have a safe inpatient addiction treatment facility where you can feel comfortable while you get the rest that your body needs while the drugs or alcohol leaves your body.

Depending on your substance of choice, the medical detox treatment that you receive will be able to provide you with medications to help with the process. Suboxone is a non-narcotic medication that detox professionals often use to help people who suffer from an opiate addiction.

Naltrexone is often used for alcoholics and opiate addicts by helping reduce the cravings. These types of medications trick the brain into thinking that you’re still drinking alcohol or using opiates by occupying the space in your pleasure system that’s seeking out drugs or alcohol.

The overall goal of treatment isn’t to replace drugs and alcohol with these types of medications.  Gradually you will be able to taper them off until your body generates a new normal to maintain homeostasis while the life skills and recovery gained in our treatment program empower you to life your life in sobriety, and to its fullest. This is the best way for you to make it through the detox process and begin a life free of active addiction.

Detox is the crucial first step in recovery. With professional addiction treatment like Insight to Recovery, you can begin your journey to sobriety safely and confidently.