Does Humana Health Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

In a word: yes!

When addiction takes hold of your life, it will strangle you, choking out everything you enjoy as you are consumed with the need to get your next fix. As every minute of every day is driven by the need to lose yourself in the source of your addiction, it will destroy everything that matters to you.

If you’re tired of ruining your health, ending relationships, and seeing your career fade away, it’s time to get help with quality addiction treatment. Whether you choose inpatient addiction treatment or outpatient therapy, Humana Health Insurance must provide some level of coverage for drug and alcohol rehab under the Affordable Care Act.

Humana Health Insurance Covers Addiction Treatment

Humana Health Insurance recognizes the fact that addiction is a medical condition, an illness that is beyond the control of the individual, requiring options in addiction treatment. Costs for drug and alcohol rehab, inpatient addiction treatment, and outpatient services, are all included in Humana Health Insurance plans. Humana Health Insurance representatives can review individual policies to explain the amount of coverage, which providers are in the network, and what costs will be for out-of-network providers. The level of coverage depends on the specifics of each individual’s policy.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Offers Freedom From Addiction

If you are overcome by addiction, you have choices in types of treatment plans. You can get outpatient care that works around your schedule, allowing you to remain at home and go to your source of employment as you undergo treatment. However, inpatient treatment is most effective at a reputable drug and alcohol rehab facility. You will be completely removed from negative influences and temptation. In a supportive environment, you can finally break the chains of substance abuse, overcoming the trials of detoxification and therapy to find the strength to go on without your addiction.

Begin Drug and Alcohol Rehab with Us Today

Don’t let your addiction steal another minute of your life. Insight To Recovery is waiting for you with open arms to help put the torture of substance abuse behind you for the rest of your life. We’ll give you the support, compassion, and coping skills you need to make healthy choices when you have achieved recovery.

You can say goodbye to your addiction, but you’re going to need help. Let Insight To Recovery be a part of the team, working to turn your life in the right direction. Call us today.