Does Harvard Pilgrim Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Getting sober is a difficult decision for anyone with an addiction because you’re dealing with a disease that tricks you into thinking nothing is wrong. Many addicts who suffer from alcohol or drug dependency don’t have the financial means to go to an inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment program at a quality drug and alcohol rehab, but there is some good news.

If you have health insurance through Harvard Pilgrim, you won’t have to worry so much about the financial side of things. Harvard Pilgrim provides health insurance coverage options for inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs, so be sure to find out what type of coverage your plan provides.

About Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance

Harvard Pilgrim is one of the leading providers for health insurance in the United States, and they do more than help cover costs for inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs. The website provides access to members, employers as well as brokers. Members will be able to take a look at their coverage, fill out forms, find a pharmacist and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Understanding Addiction at a Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Once you’ve safely been detoxed from drugs or alcohol, it’s time to learn about the disease of addiction. You’ve been suffering from a disease that makes you think that it doesn’t exist, so it’s important to look at the evidence of its presence. Through the education that you’re given at a reputable drug rehab center, you may find answers to a variety of questions that you’ve been asking throughout your addiction. You’ll understand why you can’t just have one drink or drug. You’ll learn why your drinking or drug use has taken precedence over your relationships with friends and family members. Once you have tangible evidence of how your addiction has affected your brain, you can begin the healing process.

Since addiction is a disease of the mind, you must work on healing it, and you’ll be able to do this through different types of therapies. The drug and alcohol rehab will have you go through individual and group therapy as part of the addiction treatment program. The first therapy is meant for you to understand what your specific problems are, and group is to help you build relationships and work on your communication.

Allow Insight To Recovery to be who you turn to when you’re ready to get sober. Florida is an excellent place to begin your sobriety because of the tranquil setting that our state provides, and you’ll be far enough away from the triggers back home that you’ll be able to focus on your recovery. Call us today.