Real-Life Recovery Alumni Program

The VISION of Insight to Recovery Alumni Program is to share our experiences, strengths, hope, for bridging the gap between treatment and the recovering community. It is also a chance to build a supportive network with others who are in recovery. We want to provide sober activities that illustrate an attainable “Life after Treatment”.

Your Recovery does not stop at the end of your treatment, Our Clinical Team provides guidance and support. Continued aftercare is just as important as the initial care.  Being an Alumni Member is vital in allowing for ongoing support and is crucial in relapse prevention.

We encourage and promote our clients to join the Alumni Program. We would assist you to remain active in recovery and achieve goals. Our Alumni Coordinator will be available for assistance to discuss obstacles and landmarks in their recovery. We will be hosting monthly workshops and other activities.

Alumni Members will be able to keep in touch with the program via social networking, newsletter and emails. We are dedicated to supporting the Alumni Members on their journey of recovery by providing these services mentioned above. Our Program is proof that recovery can be goal achieving and lasting.


Program Activities

The Alumni Program Team is dedicated to supporting you on your journey of recovery by providing activities, events and opportunities for alumni members.

  • Workshops – recovery education
  • Meetings – support & fellowship
  • Activities –  fun, fellowship & service
  • Events – attend special Events with ITR
  • Recognition of birthday and sober day

Aftercare Plan

The Alumni Program maintains contact with our clients after discharge. We help clients continue with treatment plan goals and promote long term sobriety. We want to provide an opportunity to continue to practice the tools taught in treatment. Being an Alumni member gives you ongoing support and is crucial in relapse prevention, this program recovery can be lasting. With help, you can achieve it. We are here for you!