We have everything in place to support our clients day and night, as little or as much as they need.


“Insight to Recovery has helped heal my family! I am forever grateful to the staff and program for teaching us how to have healthy relationships, utilize the steps in our lives, and finally have our family back. Thank you Insight!”

-The Nemoy Family


“We love how all the staff care about our son and family; because of Insight we are able to set healthy boundaries and watch our son grow in his recovery!”

-The Amendola Family


“Thanks to Insight we have watched our son change his entire life; today we are able to have a healthy relationship with communication, trust, and respect.”

-The Tyson Family


“My sobriety today wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Insight! They specifically offered EMDR therapy for me to get through unresolved trauma and I immediately started noticing a change in my behavior and attitude towards life. Insight offers amazing group and individual therapy along with endless support from the staff and community.”

– Mike Szekely

“Insight to recovery helped jumpstart my recovery . I came down to Florida broken scared and hopeless . When I arrived at insight to recovery they already greeted me with open arms . I got intense therapy sessions which really addressed my core issues. They started building me up with their group sessions as well . One of the biggest things they did was introduce me to what recovery is outside of treatment and because of all the help they gave me and support I am able to live a happy and free life.”

– Rayelle Krayum