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  • Guy Testimonial Insight To Recovery

    Feeling Happy

    - Sean M

    I moved to Florida about two months ago. After completing a rehabilitation program I decided to move into a halfway house, and per recommendation from my rehab center, began attending Insight to Recovery’s intensive outpatient program. Through following the suggestions given to me, and help from others, I have had an absolute wonderful experience since I have been down in Delray.

    Insight has been instrumental in the success of my early recovery. Initially attending meetings three nights a week made the transition from a rehab structure, to “real life”, easier. Inpatient worked around, and with, the recovery program and incorporated the 12 steps in all aspects of its sessions, helping to solidify the necessity of meetings and recovery in my life. However, where Insights differed from many other outpatient facilities was their amazing staff and willingness to go above and beyond.

    Insights had not only helped my recovery in ways of one-on-one and group therapy, but staff tells you the importance of having fun in sobriety. They are also extremely sensitive and accommodating about any circumstances going on in your life and do their best to help you solve your problems. They had helped me on multiple occasions with transportation, medical, and personal situations. Staff helped me to create an amazing resume, get job interviews, as well as provided transportation for these affairs. Soon thereafter I landed an amazing job, as a direct result of their help. All of my early recovery worries were addressed, and I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to attend this amazing program. I am forever grateful.

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    They Are Simply Great

    - Ashley S

    “When I came to Insight to Recovery I was broken down financially and emotionally. By the time I left I had two jobs and was comfortable in my own skin. Their job counselor helped me to make an amazing resume which enabled me to get the jobs I have today, and my case load group was so helpful that by the time I graduated I was helping to convince other clients to stick with the program because things only get better. The whole staff in general here is amazing and I feel like if I ever have any problems with anything I can talk to any of them about it and they will steer me in the right direction and that is just awesome!”

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